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If your business or organization does not allow direct purchases on the web site please see below:

Martin’s Office Supply, Inc. – Amazon Associate

Occasionally a customer will need an item that is unavailable through our normal supply channels, but is available through or another seller on the Amazon platform.   In these instances, we are able to offer the following options:

1. If you have the ability and authorization to check out through and pay using a Purchase Card or other Credit/Debit type card, then simply click the banner link above and shop as you normally would and there are no additional charges.

2. If you need for us to order the item for you and bill it through our normal process with a purchase order, please see the following conditions and instructions:

a. You will need to provide the ASIN Number of the item you’re needing to order.  Contact Us  to submit a request.

b. Minimum order size is $100.00 and your price will be calculated as follows: item cost  x 1.15%  + $5.00.  Shipping, handling, sales tax and any other charges will apply.

Ex: Item cost $100 with free shipping – $100 x 1.15 = $115.00 + $5.00 = $120.00

c.  All returns will be subject to and/or sellers policies and are subject to a 40% restocking charge.